When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 618

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 618

Mike looked at Avery and asked, “Do you want to talk to him?”

Avery seemed to have not heard him.

She was looking out the window. It was as if she had had her soul stolen away by him.

Mike stopped the car and said loudly, “Avery, go and talk to him.”

Avery came to her senses. She pushed the car door open and got out of the car. She had not felt the heat outside when she had been in the air-conditioned car, but now that she was out, she could feel the sweltering heat. Sweat began to bead on her forehead.

She looked at Elliot’s face, which had been b****d red by the sun. His forehead was sweaty. His shirt was soaked through with sweat, and it stuck to his skin.

She could not imagine how long he had been under this hot sun.

“Miss Tate, you’re finally back. Mr. Foster would have probably died here had you delayed any longer,” said the bodyguard unhappily. “We have been here since eight this morning! We’ve waited until now!”

Avery was upset. She was trembling.

The thought of him foolishly waiting under the heat of the blistering sun made her lose control of her anger. “Elliot could you not see that I was not at home?!”

“You did not pick up my calls. Did you miss them? What if you were at home and you just didn’t want to see me?” His voice was rough due to a lack of water.

Avery’s eyes instantly grew red.

Last night was the only time she had not answered his call. “If he had called me today, I might have picked up,” she thought.

“Why are you here?” Avery held back the tears in her eyes. She choked and said, ” Is it because of Layla being in an entertainment program? She’s back. Whatever you want to say, you can say to her!”

It was easy of Avery to say that, but why would her children possibly listen to him?

“Layla’s still young. Why does she want to earn money? It’s because she knows that you owe me money, right?” said Elliot coldly. “You have placed this pressure on yourself, and Layla has taken it upon herself too. She is a child and should not be carrying your burdens! Now ask yourself if you are a competent mother?”

Avery choked on her words when she heard Elliot’s questions.

Layla had indeed participated in the program to earn some money. Elliot had correctly predicted her goal. She wanted to help Avery pay back her debt.

“Elliot, you are the last person who has any right to talk to me!” Avery wiped away the tears that threatened to fall from the corners of her eyes. “There is no need for you to care about what happens to Layla!”

“Avery, I will not give in to you all the time!” He looked at Avery sharply. His tone was rather harsh. “Take this card! This is for our child! Take it and pay your debts! I don’t want to see Layla going to the entertainment world! Also, don’t let me catch you taking on private engagements behind my back! Before you give birth to the child, don’t think you can escape my grasp!”

Elliot stuffed the bank card into Avery’s hands and left as quickly as he came, disappearing before her eyes.

Avery held onto his card tightly. She grimaced. “Did he just give me money so that I can repay him?” she thought. “Only Elliot would be able to think up such ridiculous solutions! Not only would he think them up, but he would execute them too!”

Avery felt as if all of her energy had been depleted. Listlessly, she went back to the living area.

Mike passed her a cup of water.

“Avery, did he give you this card?” When Mike passed her the cup of water, he took the card in her hands.

Avery picked up the card and drank some water.

“I think there’s an ATM in our neighborhood.” Mike was excited. “Why don’t I go and check how much money is there in this card?”

Avery could roughly guess the amount, but she said nothing.

“Uncle Mike, take me along! I want to have a look too!” Layla tugged on Mike’s clothes.

Mike lifted Layla. It was only when he reached the door did he turn around and say, “Why is he giving you money?”

Avery placed her cup down and got up from the sofa. “You ask him.”