When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 619

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 619

Avery headed upstairs. She had been out the entire day, and she was exhausted.

Mike saw her go upstairs. He carried Layla and left. They arrived at an ATM. Mike carefully inserted the card.

The pin was written on the back of the card. It was Avery’s birthday, which was easy to remember.

After keying in the pin, Mike pressed the check balance button. Instantly, countless numbers of zeros appeared on the screen.

Mike was dazzled and speechless!

Layla exclaimed, “Uncle Mike! How much is that?! There are so many zeros! I can’t count! Woo!”

The number was beyond Layla.

Mike coughed a little before raising his finger and counting the zeros on the screen.

Layla suddenly pointed at the first number on the screen. She said out loud, “This is one.”

Mike said, “… Babe, you interrupted me! Where was I counting until? Sigh!”

“Stupid Uncle Mike! Just take a picture and go ask my Mommy! My Mommy would surely know how much it is with just one look! She doesn’t need to count!” Layla pursed her lips detestably. “Or go and ask your boyfriend! He must be smarter than you!”

Mike blushed. “Layla, I know how much this is. I don’t need to count. It’s one billion and fifty million dollars.”

That was the amount Avery had owed Elliot.

Layla was a little lost. She blinked her huge sparkling eyes. “Uncle Mike, how much is that? How many toys and pretty clothes can I buy?”

Mike did not know how to explain it to her in a way that she might understand.

“Let’s say that in these four days that you worked you earned one hundred and five thousand dollars,” said Mike as he fished out his phone and pulled up the calculator. He punched in the numbers and began doing the calculations.

“On an average, you earn about twenty-six thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. Let’s say you could earn this amount every day. In one year, you could earn nine million five hundred and eighty-one thousand dollars. If you earn this much every year, you will be able to make the amount on this card only after you have been working every day for one hundred and ten years.

“You’re five years old this year which means you have to live until one hundred and fifteen years old to earn that amount of money.”

Layla’s eyes almost popped out. She was shocked.

“Layla, now do you understand?” Mike smiled pleasantly, but his heart was bitter.

“B****y h**l! How was Elliot this rich!” thought Mike.

He could cough up such a large amount of money in such a short span of time. If Mike was Avery, he might just be attracted to Elliot’s money!

“Woo, woo, woo!” Layla suddenly began to cry. “It feels like I’ve been living for such a long time, but I’m only five. How long will it take till I’m a hundred?”

Mike wiped away the tears on her face with the pads of his fingers. “Don’t cry! I’m just telling you that he just has a lot of money. I didn’t say that you needed to make this much money! Let’s go get ice cream! Then we’ll head home.”

Layla suddenly stopped crying. “I want chocolate ice cream.”

Mike said, “Of course, as long as you don’t let your mother know.”

Avery was in the villa lying in bed. She wanted to sleep, but her head hurt so badly that she could not go to sleep. Therefore, she just lay there staring blankly at the corner of the room. She thought of how Elliot had her and began fighting.

She loved him, and she could feel his love for her, but why did they have to hurt each other?

“Do we fight to prove that our love is still there and that it has not faded?” she thought.

Just when her mind was in a mess, the phone by the side of her bed rang. She picked up her phone and saw a strange series of symbols and numbers!