When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 621

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Hayden hung up. Mike wanted to laugh but he saw Layla’s lost yet adorable look. He suppressed his urge to laugh.

When they returned home, Avery held onto Layla’s hand. Before she could say what she wanted to say, Layla spoke.

“Mommy, do you think I’m cute?”

“You are cute! You’re the cutest kid in the entire world.”

“Then, when I become a big star, I’ll give you all the money I earn, okay? I told Hayden I’ll give him half just now, but he doesn’t want it,” said Layla as she stared up at Avery with sparkling bright eyes.

Avery did not know what to think of Layla’s proclamation.

Since she could not get through to Layla, she had to have a word with Eric. Avery sent him a text expressing her disapproval.

Half an hour later, Eric sent her a reply. [Layla might be young, but we should respect her decision. The entertainment industry is not as scary as you think. I will protect her. I’ll make sure she won’t get hurt. Please trust me.]

Avery had failed in persuading him too. She was deep in thought. If she were to respect Layla’s decision and continue to allow Layla to work in the entertainment industry, Elliot would surely be mad. Avery did not want to fight with him, but neither did she want to force her daughter to obey her just because of him.

Avery fell asleep while thinking about the matter.

A week had gone by and Tate drones were still the number one selling drone in the country. Due to that, a few of the country’s leaders had come to inspect the company.

Avery received the notice three days ago. Initially, it was agreed upon that the vice president would accompany them during the tour as Avery’s tummy was huge, and it was hard for her to move around. However, as the vice president was down with a high fever due to nerves, Avery had no choice but to conduct the tour herself.

She applied a light coat of makeup and tied her hair. She wore a light-blue long-sleeved dress. She looked elegant and proper.

The leaders were arriving at ten in the morning. She waited for them on the ground floor at half-past nine.

Ten minutes later, a red BNW stopped at the entrance of the office. Avery saw Zoe coming out of the car. She was a little surprised.

The last time she had seen Zoe was when she had made her return the three hundred dollars. They had not been in contact since then. There was no need to keep in contact, so she did not understand Zoe’s reason for coming over.

Zoe did not expect Avery to be in the lobby and was yelling, “Avery Tate! Come out!” before she had even seen her standing there.

Avery subconsciously headed outside. The secretary said, “Miss Tate. They’ll be here in twenty minutes.”

Avery said, “I’ll be back soon.”

She approached Zoe.

“Avery, you have already taken Elliot away! Why do you have to take Cole away too?! I’m pregnant with his child! I intend to spend the rest of my life with him! Why can’t you just let me go?! Will you only be happy when I d*e?!” sobbed Zoe. Her eyes were red. Before Avery could react, she reached out and pulled Avery’s hair.

Avery reflexively reached out to defend herself. “Zoe, what nonsense are you talking about?! I have long cut ties with Cole! Why would I still want him?!”