When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 629

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 629

Elliot watched her as she walked to him. Before he could even think, he was standing in front of her.

He picked her up in his arms and walked toward the house.

Although Avery had barely been in the rain, her face was wet from the rain or more accurately, her tears.

“Avery, I did not suspect you. You said that you didn’t do it, and I believe you.” Elliot placed Avery down on the sofa. He bent down and said patiently, “Zoe is so sure that you harmed her. If she reported it to the police, the police will surely come looking for you. I don’t want you to be questioned like a criminal. If we can find an alibi for you, the police won’t pester you.”

Avery looked at Elliot’s wet and wretched face. She could not get angry.

“I went to Wesley’s today,” said Avery tonelessly. “I was at his house the entire day.”

“You were in his house the entire day?” The tenderness in Elliot’s eyes instantly vanished. He sounded nervous.

“Yes. Are you going to ask what I was doing in his house?” Avery’s clear eyes saw the changes on his face. Her heart hurt. “I went there for a private matter, and I can’t tell you about it.”

Elliot felt as if he had been ambushed in the dark. He secretly let out a pained muffled grunt.

“What is she doing with Wesley that she can’t tell me?”

Elliot’s body was so cold he shivered. When he got up, he looked a little disappointed and disheartened. He clenched his fists tightly and left.

He left without a backward glance.

At one in the morning, a cab carrying Mike pulled into the courtyard. After Mike paid the driver, the fumbled out of the car.

When he reached the entrance, he saw that the door was wide open, and a lamp glowed brightly in the living room. When he entered, he saw Avery lying on the sofa like a corpse!

“Avery!” gasped Mike, instantly sobering.

He quickly ran to the sofa and pressed his hands on her cheeks. He felt the heat radiating off her b**n his hands.

“B****y h**l! How does she have a fever?” Mike was frantic. He did not know what to do.

She was pregnant, and he did not dare to give her any medication.

He found a cooling pad in the room where they stored medicine and placed it on her forehead. Then, he called Elliot.

“Avery is having a fever! I don’t know what I should do! Should I call the ambulance, or should I send her to the hospital?” Mike did not dare simply move her about. He was afraid that something might happen to the child in her.

Elliot tightened his grip on his phone. He wanted to go to her and care for her, but when he remembered the things that she had told him, his heart began to pound. “Go get Wesley!” he hissed sinisterly.

“Oh? Oh!” Mike was shocked, and it took a while before he hung up and called Wesley.

In less than half an hour, Wesley rushed over with his medical suitcase. Mike returned to his room because Wesley was there to care for Avery.

Soon, dawn came.

Avery opened her eyes. All the incidents of last night came rushing back to her.

Zoe’s eyes had been gouged out, and Zoe had told everyone that it had been Avery who had done it. Zoe had even told them that she had heard Avery’s voice.

There must be evidence if one wanted to prove that someone is guilty of a crime. Zoe would never be able to produce such evidence!

Elliot had made her tell him that she was not the one who had done that to Zoe. Legally speaking, she did not need to tell him anything. She could have just accepted his conclusions.

That afternoon, Elliot received a call from the captain of the police station.

“Mr. Foster, Avery came in accompanied by a male friend. She gave us an alibi for her whereabouts yesterday. I had a look, and it is true that she had been at her friend’s house the entire day. The incident with Zoe probably has nothing to do with her. But…” The captain hesitated, pausing for a while, and then he said, “Mr. Foster, Miss Tate’s relationship with this friend doesn’t seem that simple.”