When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 630

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 630

A man and woman staying at home the entire day. The woman said that it was a private matter, so she could not tell anyone about it. How simple could their relationship be?

Elliot knew that the relationship was anything but simple. “It’s borderline fantasy!” he thought.

“I know.” Elliot heard his own voice. There were no emotions in them. He did not even care about the situation anymore. He felt helpless.

Avery had stayed in another man’s house for the entire day, and she refused to tell him her reason for doing so. There was nothing he could do. He could try prying her mouth open, but he knew that even if he did do that, she would not tell him a thing.

The police were at the hospital, and they notified Zoe about Avery’s alibi. Zoe did not believe them.

“I’m blind right now. I can’t see anything. It can’t be whatever you said it is! I don’t believe you!” Zoe said agitatedly.

“Miss Sanford, you can get your family to look at the evidence,” said the police officer as he glanced at Cole. “You’re her family, right?”

Cole immediately said, “Officer, I believe the evidence the police have gathered.”

Zoe yelled, “He is not my family! Officer! He is not!”

Zoe knew that Cole had been Avery’s accomplice!

There was no way for Avery to reach her without Cole’s help. However, she did not dare expose Cole. She was going to end her life, but she would be leaving her father behind, and she could not endanger his life by setting the dirtbag on him.

“Officer, I am Zoe’s father. Please show me the evidence.” Richard walked to the police with a weary expression.

“Okay,” The police said, “We have all the evidence at the station. Please follow me!”

“Okay.” Richard, of course, believed his daughter, but it was the police claiming Avery was innocent, and so, he had to see the evidence for himself.

Avery was finally back at Starry River Villa after an entire day of running around.

She had a fever the night before. Although the fever had subsided, she was still feeling weak. She was listless.

In the afternoon, after returning home, she immediately went to her room and lay down in bed.

Mike pushed her door open. He saw that her eyes were open. He said, “I’ve made some porridge. Do you want some? Wesley said that you have not had anything since this morning. Don’t starve yourself.”

“Has Wesley left?” asked Avery. Her voice sounded rough.

“He left after sending you home. He asked me to take care of you today.” Mike brought the bowl of porridge over to her, and he sat at the side of her bed. “Avery when I came home last night, the front door was left wide open, and you were just lying on the sofa…”

Avery covered her mouth and coughed.

“And this morning you went to the station to show the police that you had an alibi. Did someone come last night, and did they tell you what had happened?” said Mike as he placed the bowl down. He patted her back.

Avery pushed his hands away. “I’m not choking. It’s the sickness that makes my throat itch.”

“Oh, then have some food.” He passed the bowl to her. “Wesley said that if you’re feeling unwell, you should take some medicine. He said that it would not affect the child.”

“Hmm.” Avery had some porridge. “Before I fell asleep on the sofa last night, I wanted to go close the door, but I was too tired. I couldn’t get up.”