When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 632

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“I’m torturing her?” Elliot murmured. “Well, aren’t you shameless?” he growled.

“I’m shameless. You can blame this on me, but please don’t view Avery through your narrow scope.” Wesley sounded calm, and he was honest. “Avery approached me yesterday because she was looking for some of Professor Hough’s notes. She wanted them because she was drawing up a treatment plan which she showed me yesterday so that I could give her my opinion on it. Although my medical skills are not as great as hers, theory-wise, I can still make do.”

Elliot’s breathing turned heavy.

“Avery took on a case,” Wesley continued, ” and if you think that she’s doing this just for the money, you’re shallow. If you love her, can you should learn how to respect her!”

Wesley rarely raised his voice at others. He was well-mannered and knew how to control himself. However, he could no longer remain calm with Elliot.

After a short moment of silence, Elliot said, “Your so-called respect is just giving in without limits! If I didn’t love a woman, I could do that to her too! I could just not care about her!”

Wesley said, “You are clutching at a handful of sand. The tighter you hold it, the faster it escapes your hand. You can’t tie Avery. She does not belong to you.”

“She is mine!” he yelled; rage coated each word.

“I do not want to fight with you on this!” Wesley knew that he was not going to win this argument. “You have no right to stop Shea from interacting with whomever she wants to associate with. She is no longer a child that you can control. Please respect her, and give her back her phone.”

Elliot hung up.

Wesley placed his phone down and gripped the steering wheel. He tried to collect his thoughts.

Elliot was stubborn. He desired control. It did not matter if it was Avery or Shea, he would try to control everything they could.

However, whether it was Shea or Avery, they still deeply loved this man. Naturally, the way that each woman loved him was different. Shea gave him the purest form of love.

Soon after, Wesley’s phone rang again. Wesley picked it up and saw that the call was from Shea. He immediately answered the call.

“Wesley, Big Brother is angry with me. You called me, but he didn’t let me answer,” Shea’s sounded upset, “But thankfully, he just returned the phone to me.”

“Shea, he is not angry with you. He is angry with me.” Wesley was worried that she might think lesser of her brother, so he asked her, “Is he stopping you from going out?”

“I don’t think so.” She suddenly laughed. “Wesley, can I come and see you now?”


Richard had returned to the hospital after he had examined the evidence. He told Zoe the outcome.

Zoe screamed with all her might, “Dad! How could you be bought by them?! How much did they pay you! Huh!”

Richard said, “Zoe, be strong. This really has nothing to do with Avery. The police will continue investigating. Once they catch the culprit, they will give us an answer.”

“Hahahah! I’m about to d*e soon, and you want me to be strong?! Avery is the one! I heard her voice! Why does no one believe me? I don’t care if others don’t believe me, but Dad, how could you do this to me?! Do you not love me anymore, now that I’m disabled?!”

“Zoe! It’s not that I don’t believe you, but you could have been hallucinating. Someone could have also mimicked her voice, or they could have played you an edited voice clip… You have to remember that you only heard the voice once you went blind. The police explained it to me, and I think it’s a logical explanation.”

Richard did not like Avery, but he could not ignore the facts.

Zoe sat on the bed. She stared listlessly at her father, and she looked like someone who had their soul stolen away.

Cole walked over to Richard and said in a low voice, “Uncle Richard, I want to talk to you in private about Zoe and the child.”

Richard followed Cole out of the ward.