When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 633

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 633

“Uncle Richard, you can see the state Zoe is in. I’m very upset. I haven’t had any sleep for the past two days. She kept wanting to d*e, but I don’t want her to d*e.”

Richard cut to the chase and said, “You’re just worried about the child, right? You have no feelings for Zoe at all.”

“I don’t want to contradict you, but you should know that Zoe holds no feelings for me too.” Cole looked glum. “Our child is innocent. I will take good care of Zoe until she gives birth to our child. Once our child is born, I will give you some money, and you take Zoe back to Bridgedale to start a new life. Just name your price. I will try my best to match it. I assure you that you and Zoe won’t have to worry for the rest of your lives.”

Richard did not immediately answer, he seemed to be thinking about it.

Zoe was standing by the door. She had heard their conversation. At that moment, she ceased to be a human being; she became a tool that both men could use.

If it were not for her child, Cole would not stay in the ward with her. He would not have even told her father to name his price.

Zoe had no words for Cole, but she was completely disappointed in her father!

Zoe fumbled around and headed to the washroom.

Outside the ward, after Richard gave the offer some thought. He said, “Cole, I do indeed love money, but you’re not Elliot. You won’t be able to meet my price. Once Zoe is discharged, I will take her back to Bridgedale, and I will send her to see a therapist. Once she gets better, we’ll see if she wants to have the child or not.”

“You’re just like Zoe— snobbish! Back when my uncle was pursuing her, she had never once looked at me,” Cole sneered. “You can’t blame me for treating her poorly. She is simply not worthy of me!”

Richard’s expression darkened. “My daughter is blind and suicidal! She has been staying in your house! How could you have allowed this to happen?! Cole, you are evil and retribution will come!”

“Hehe, you two are no match for me right now. Even if there is retribution, you two face it first!” Cole said through gritted teeth. He turned around, pushed the door, and entered.

Zoe was missing.

“Zoe!” yelled Cole when he saw the empty bed.

Richard too began yelling for his daughter. “Zoe! Where are you hiding? Come out quickly! Once you’re discharged, I’ll take you home! We will never return to Aryadelle again!”

The ward was not large. The two of them looked all around, but they did not see Zoe anywhere.

The balcony was sealed to prevent patients from jumping out of the window. Zoe could not have vanished just like that. She had to be still in the ward.

“She must be in the washroom!” Cole saw that the washroom door was shut. He immediately ran over to it.

Cole tried to open the door, but it was locked! He immediately went to get the medical staff.

Soon, the nurse rushed over with the key to the washroom. She opened the door.

They saw Zoe on the floor. Her face and hair were completely wet.

The sink was filled with water.

The nurse pronounced Zoe d**d. She had drowned herself. Cole immediately took a few steps backward before fleeing the scene!

Zoe is d**d, and the child would not survive! This was not what he wanted. He wanted the child, and he had never thought that Zoe would carry out what he saw as a threat!

Her d***h brought an end to everything!

That evening, Avery heard of Zoe’s d***h. Her chest constricted.