When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 634

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 634

Avery had not expected this to happen. She wondered how much despair Zoe must have faced for her to have taken her own life.

Zoe k****d herself, and by doing so, she k****d her child too.

Avery began to doubt herself. She began to wonder whether the accusations that Zoe had made were true. “Zoe had said that she heard my voice while her eyes were being gouged out. Could she really have heard me?” thought Avery.

“Who attacked Zoe? Why did they put the blame on me?

“Could it be Cole?

“But Zoe was pregnant with his child. He did not need to do such a thing to Zoe.

“Could I be the reason that this happened to Zoe? Did the perpetrator want to challenge me? What other reason could there be for using my voice?” thought Avery as sweat poured down her face.

Mike was carrying a bowl of hot porridge into her room. He saw her sitting up straight on the bed; her eyes out of focus. She did not even notice him entering.

“Avery, what are you thinking about?” Mike placed the bowl on the nightstand by the bed. He waved his hand in front of her eyes. “Are you thinking about Zoe?”

Avery came to her senses. She looked at Mike and said, “Is she really d**d?”

“Yes. The police have investigated it. She drowned herself in the ward’s washroom,” Mike said with a sigh. “It’s scary just thinking about it. I won’t dare to do it. I’m afraid of d***h.”

If he had not been afraid of d***h, he not have been stuck to Avery. He was afraid of a relapse, and so, staying by her was the best choice, as she could get to him if anything were to happen.

“Avery, don’t think about it. We’ll leave the country tomorrow. We’ll take a break.” Mike placed the bowl of porridge in front of her. “Have some food.”

Avery raised her hand and rubbed her temples. She said in a low voice, “I don’t feel like eating. I think that the person who got to Zoe will come for me next.”

“Avery, don’t think that. You know the kind of person Zoe was. It’s not strange that someone wanted to harm her. As for her hearing your voice, she could be lying,” said Mike trying to comfort Avery.

“Or, she could be telling the truth.”

“Even if she was, it just means that they dared not approach you. Why else would they have hurt Zoe, right?” Mike went back to trying to take her mind off things. “Let’s go out of the country and relax a little. Once we’re back, we’ll hire a few more bodyguards.”

Avery accepted the bowl from Mike and started eating.

Chelsea too had seen the news, and she looked terrifying.

She did not think that Zoe would be d**d so soon. “How weak! It was just a pair of eyes! She didn’t even try to take her revenge on Avery! Useless!” thought Chelsea.

“Chelsea, Zoe is d**d. I don’t think it affected Avery much,” Nora said timidly.

“It had some effect. I heard that Elliot and Avery had another fight,” Chelsea sneered. “How many lovers have died while quarreling. Elliot is now giving in because she is carrying his child. Once she gives birth, she will be out of shape, and if she does not improve her temper, it will only be a matter till he stops doting on her.”

“Chelsea, although you make sense, I don’t want her to live,” Nora said with a sinister expression. “When she dies, maybe Elliot would treat me as her substitute because he misses her.”

Chelsea was silent for a few seconds. She said, “Perhaps we could join forces with Wanda. If something were to happen, at least there is someone to take the blame.”

A day passed and Hayden was at a subway stop in Bridgedale. He soon realized that someone was following him. He pulled down his cap and quickly ducked into a restaurant. Then, he immediately pressed the red button on his watch!

Two seconds later, Mike’s watch let out a shrill ring.