When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 635

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 635

“D**n it! Hayden is in danger!” Mike exclaimed. “Avery, wait for me in the car! I’ll go look for him!”

Mike quickly parked the car by the side of the road and pressed the emergency button before running toward the metro.

The summer camp had allowed the participants to take a break, and the summer camp bus had dropped them off at a huge mall near the subway station.

Hayden had bought a gift for his mother. While paying, he realized that someone was secretly watching him. He had exited the mall and made his way to the subway station. He saw that the man had done the same, and he was sure then that he was being followed.

Avery could not bear to sit still in the car and wait. After Mike got out of the car, she got out of the car too and rushed toward the subway station.

The bodyguard gripped her as he said, “Miss Tate, you must be careful. You are pregnant! If you go into labor, are you planning to have the child on the streets?”

Initially, Avery had not felt anything, but at the reminder of her child, she felt a tiny kick.

She stopped in her tracks and clutched her tummy. “Go and quickly find Hayden! What can Mike do alone?! What if he is in danger!”

The bodyguard could not just abandon her. ‘The subway station has a lot of guards. They will be fine.”

“No! I must go in and see!” Avery held the bodyguard’s arm and continued walking toward the subway station.

At that moment, Mike walked out, and in his arms, was Hayden.

The moment Avery saw them both, her suspended heart finally dropped.

“Avery, didn’t I ask you to wait in the car? Why did you run out?” Mike walked over to her, panting, “Let’s get in the car first!”

After getting in the car, Avery immediately hugged Hayden. “Hayden, are you alright? I’m sorry I didn’t come to pick you up earlier—”

“Mommy, I’m fine. I accidentally pressed the button on my watch,” said Hayden, and he took out the gift he bought for her from his bag. “When I bought this gift for you, I accidentally pressed it.”

Avery accepted the gift, but she was still worried. “Don’t lie to me. This has never happened before.

“I never bought a gift on my own before either.” Hayden smiled a rare smile.

“As long as you’re fine. Let’s go. We’ll go out and have a nice meal.”

“Hmm. Mommy, open the gift.”

Avery immediately opened the gift. It was a butterfly hair clip, and the butterfly had moving wings. It was extremely adorable.

“I love it.” She said and pinned it on her hair. “Did you get one for Layla too?”

“Hmm, it’s in my bag.”

“I feel so blessed to have you.”

That night, after Avery had returned to her room, Mike entered Hayden’s room. He locked the door and turned to Hayden. “It’s one thing to lie to your mother, it is another thing to lie to me. Tell me, what is going on?”

Hayden said, “If I tell you, you can’t tell Mommy.”

“Of course! Don’t you trust me?” Mike stood in front of Hayden and asked, “Did you get yourself into trouble?”

“When I was investigating Nora, I realized that she had visited a strange webpage. I entered and realized it was the dark web.” Hayden said in a low voice.

“What kind of dark web?”

“I don’t understand some of it. There is some human trafficking.” Hayden paused and then continued, “I blew up the page, but I accidentally leaked some of my information.”

Mike said sternly, “You’re too impulsive! You should have told me first.”

“I was scared to d***h by the content of the page.” Hayden still found it scary at the thought of it. “I will find a way to solve this. Don’t let Mommy know.”