When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 636

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 636

“How are you going to deal with it?” Mike crossed his arms. “You shouldn’t have blown up that web page. Since Nora knows about the dark web, it means that she must know a person linked to it or the organization behind it. We could have even found something.”

Hayden lowered his head remorsefully when he heard what Mike said. He had been frightened, and that had made him impulsive.

Thinking about it now, he realized that he should not have done it.

“Let me handle this.” Mike patted Hayden on the head. “You finally have two days off. Rest well tonight. Stay with your mother tomorrow, and give me the computer. I’ll try my best to restore the page.”

Hayden said, “Nora must be a bad person. Tell Mommy to stay away from her.”

“That woman’s target is your father. She doesn’t have much contact with your mother.”

Hayden did not care whether Elliot lived or died, so he did not say anything.

The next day, after Avery got up, she made breakfast for Hayden.

Hayden came out of his room. He walked over to the kitchen. “Mommy, Uncle Mike can’t go out with us today.”

Avery turned the fire off. “Is he sick?” she asked him. She looked slightly confused.

Mike shook his head. “He was up all night. He can’t get up today.”

“Oh… do you know why he was up all night? Were you up with him?”

“No. I went to wake him up just now, and he told me he had been up all night.”

“In that case, let him rest at home!” Avery smiled once more. “I seared some steak for you. I don’t know how it tastes.”

Avery had not stepped into the kitchen since she had gotten pregnant.

“Everything you make tastes good, Mommy.” Hayden smiled. His eyes sparkled.

Avery was touched. All the unhappiness she felt while she was in Aryadelle instantly vanished.

After breakfast, mother and son headed to the science museum. Avery did not take him to any theme parks or malls as he was not interested in them.

The only places that he liked were places that had to do with science and technology.

On the way to the science museum, Hayden kept looking at Avery’s tummy.

He has not seen Avery for half a month. He noticed that her stomach had gotten bigger.

“Hayden, do you want to touch my tummy?” Avery asked with a smile. “Your little brother likes to move a lot. If you touch my tummy, he might move!”

Hayden thought that the entire thing was like magic, and he carefully placed his hand on Avery’s stomach.

“Mommy, when will he come out?” Hayden was curious about his younger brother.

“In about three months,” Avery said, “He looks just like you!”

“Oh. Mommy, what are you planning to call him?” Hayden retracted his hand and looked at Avery. “Can you please keep him? Don’t give him to Elliot.”

Hayden saw Elliot as a bad person.

Avery furrowed her brows a little. “Hayden, I can’t guarantee that your little brother will stay with us. It’s not that I don’t want to care for him, but Elliot is firm about keeping him.”

Hayden instantly became glum. He looked out of the window gloomily. “He is going to use the baby to threaten you into staying with him!”

“Hayden, don’t be angry.” Avery felt bitter. She hugged Hayden. “Once the baby is out, I will talk to him. I’ll try to get him to allow your little brother to stay with us.”

It was crowded at the science museum due to it being the weekend.

The bodyguard stuck to Avery. He was worried that someone might bump into her.

This robot can mimic a person’s real voice. As long as you talk to it, it will be able to answer questions using your voice…”

A member of the staff was introducing the robot. They were in the exhibition part of the museum. Avery suddenly stopped.

She walked to the exhibition. She did not have any control over her feet. The bodyguard and Hayden followed her.