When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 638

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 638

Elliot stopped. Avery quickly caught up to him.

“When did you get here?” Avery looked at him. His face was blank and impassive. He looked away and said in an extremely low voice, “Yesterday.”

“What are you doing here?” asked Avery in a voice that was a few octaves higher. “Did you come alone?”

She did not know why she stopped him, or why she was asking him all these questions.

They had both been in an argument, and neither wanted to admit defeat. Despite seeing each other, they could have each gone their separate ways, but Avery could not control the thoughts coursing through her mind. “What if he came here specifically looking for me?” she thought.

“There’s a speech at a school.” Elliot swallowed. He could not help but look at her.

“I studied here for a year in high school. I’m going there to give a speech this afternoon. Do you come?”

Avery was a little disappointed. She did not hide it very well.

“I’m with Hayden today. I’m not free,” Avery said and looked at Hayden.

Hayden’s smile had long vanished. At that moment, he was looking coldly in their direction.

The bodyguard, standing next to Hayden, was holding the robot that they won. He was looking at them too.

Avery inhaled awkwardly. “I just thought that it was too much of a coincidence to be bumping into you here.” She paused for a while before saying, “I’ll make a move.”

She had only taken a step away from him when he grabbed her arm. “Let’s have dinner tonight.” Afraid that she would reject him, he added, “I’m returning to Aryadelle tomorrow.”

“Hayden wouldn’t want to have dinner with you, so—”

“You’ll find a way. He listens to you.” Elliot drew closer to her and looked at her with his dark eyes. “Avery, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have suspected you. Although my initial intention wasn’t that way, I still hurt you,” he said; his voice ringing with the timber of solemnity.

Avery blushed a bright red. Her temperature spiked, and she was so hot that she panicked. She had never thought that Elliot would apologize.

“Is he here to give his speech or to apologize?” she wondered.

Elliot did not like going to crowded places. He would not be here torturing himself if it had not been for her.

“So, the lucky draw, the robot… was your doing.” Avery knew that they would not be so lucky.

“Don’t tell Hayden.” Elliot sounded helpless. “I just wanted all of you to be happy.”

“I know.” Avery lowered her gaze. She did not dare to meet his eyes.

Elliot had come to sincerely apologize to her, and even while she felt wronged, she did not want to lose her temper.

“I’ve booked a room at the restaurant near your place. Let’s have a meal together tonight, please?” Elliot asked once again.

Avery had already caved in, but she did not want to agree to him that easily. “I’ll consider it.”

She walked back to Hayden.

Elliot saw her safely back with the bodyguard and Hayden before turning around and leaving.

Avery looked at her son’s tightly furrowed brows. She wanted to cheer him up. ” Hayden, the robot is so cool!”

“Mommy, what is he doing here?” Hayden asked.

“He came to apologize.” Avery did not want to keep things from Hayden. “He invited us to dinner tonight.”

“I knew that he didn’t have good intentions.”

“If you don’t want to, we won’t have dinner with him.” Avery smiled. She did not want to spoil her son’s mood.

Hayden looked at her. He could see what she wanted in her eyes.

That night, Avery took Hayden to the restaurant where Elliot made reservations at.

Hayden had decided to come because he saw how badly his mother wanted to go.