When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 64

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 64

Avery would not hand over what her father had left to her to anyone.

She refused to let anybody take it from her.

Her words were harsh, but not only was Elliot not scared, but he also found it hilarious.

“What are you smiling at?” Avery asked when she saw his smile.

“You,” he mocked. “You’re self-righteous, arrogant, and you’re digging your own grave.”

Avery could force herself to accept the first two, but what did he mean by her digging her own grave?

“Get back to your room! Just looking at you gives me a headache.”

Elliot’s face suddenly darkened, and his voice was low and deep.

“I didn’t do anything. You must have a headache because you’re sick,” Avery said indifferently. “Don’t you have a family doctor? Should I call him?”

“F*ck off!” Elliot growled through gritted teeth.

Avery returned to her room in a terrible mood.

She shut her laptop, walked over to the bed, and lay down.

She had fallen out of love with Cole a long time ago.

If it were not for Cassandra’s phone call, she would have never thought about them nor would she have felt any of the emotions that she was now experiencing.

The thought of Cole being a gambler and being in danger gave her a strange and complicated feeling.

All of her memories with him were ruined, and she even felt a little disgusted.

It was as if she was in some weird TV show where she was never truly in touch with reality, and she was living a lie.

In the midst of her jumbled thoughts, she fell asleep.

A car pulled up at the Foster mansion at 2 a.m. that night.

Mrs. Cooper was awakened by the bodyguard who was on night duty.

She rushed into the living room to see Rosalie’s furious face.

“Get Avery Tate down here!” Rosalie yelled before sitting down on the couch.

Mrs. Cooper immediately ran over to the guest bedroom.

A groggy Avery walked into the living room five minutes later.

The tense atmosphere in the room instantly woke her up.

“I always thought that you were an innocent little girl, but you have been lying to me all this time!” Rosalie snapped as she trembled with rage. “I never knew you dated Cole. Why didn’t you tell me?! If I knew this from the beginning, I never would have made you Elliot’s wife! This whole thing is preposterous!”

“None of you asked me about it, nor did you care about my feelings. You just treated me like a pawn. If you’re upset that the pawn you chose was a tainted piece, then you only have your own self to blame,” Avery said nonchalantly.

Rosalie shot to her feet and wobbled over to Avery.

“Fine, say I was wrong! But what do you have to say about framing Cole tonight?!”

“I framed him? Are you talking about how he got in trouble after gambling?”

Avery’s retort left Rosalie at a loss for words.

“You know very well that nobody would lay a finger on him if he didn’t go looking for trouble himself. Instead of educating him, you’ve come to put the blame on me. This means that me being a part of the Foster family is a sin in and of itself.”

Avery’s eyes reddened as her emotions got the better of her.

Rosalie could no longer hold back and landed a hard slap on Avery’s face.

The sound of her palm coming in violent contact with Avery’s cheek echoed through the large living room.

Avery’s cheek b****d as hatred rose in her eyes.

“Yes, I framed Cole on purpose. He betrayed me and I wanted revenge,” Avery said in a voice that was much clearer and more stable than before. “Also, as long as I’m by Elliot’s side, you can forget about having grandchildren.”

Rosalie raised her arm once again to give Avery another slap, but the energy suddenly escaped from her body and she fell to the couch.

Avery did not reach out to help her, but Mrs. Cooper rushed over.

Elliot made his way over from the stairs immediately after.

He was in a gray silk robe, and his face was chillingly stern.

Avery did not want to see him at all. Not even for a second.


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