When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 640

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 640

“Why didn’t you bring a bodyguard? Don’t you know that you are a public figure?” Avery furrowed her brows. She was suddenly angry. “Did you think that there wouldn’t be danger in Bridgedale? It is much safer in Aryadelle than it is in Bridgedale!”

Elliot looked at her agitated face. Words got stuck in his throat.

“Avery, don’t be angry. I made a last-minute decision to come here,” explained Elliot. “At that time, there weren’t any extra seats, so I came alone.”

“Couldn’t you just have gotten on the next flight with your bodyguard?” Although Avery was complaining, she had calmed down. “You’re staying at my place tonight.”


“Did you deliberately tell me this?” The more she thought, the more suspicious she got. “Did you really not take your bodyguard along with you?”

“What about the trust we just talked about?” said Elliot pointedly. “If I wanted to stay at your place, I have a thousand ways of getting that done. The only thing I won’t do is lie to you in order to gain your pity to achieve my goal.”

Avery blushed.

When Hayden got home, he saw Mike sitting in the living area eating takeaway and drinking beer.

“Big H, I spent the entire morning trying to get the webpage, and someone goes and shuts it down,” grumbled Mike. “I’m guessing the webpage must hold some huge secret.”

“Oh,” Hayden said distractedly, “Elliot came looking for Mommy.”

Mike knew about this, so he was not surprised.

“Big H, don’t be sad. You’re a man. You should recognize reality and accept it,” said Mike in an attempt to comfort Hayden. “Your mother loves Elliot. Even if they fight all the time, it doesn’t change this fact.”

Hayden pouted. He was indignant.

“This is love,” said Mike to Hayden. “You’re still young, so you won’t understand. You’ll get it once you’re older.”

Mike’s “comforting” did nothing other than to make Hayden feel more gloomy.

He turned around and returned to his room.

Soon after, Avery came home with Elliot in tow.

Mike saw the two of them and raised his beer on the table. He arched an eyebrow and said to Elliot, “Come have a drink!”

Avery looked at Mike and said nothing. All she wanted to do was to come home and grab a shower.

Elliot grabbed her arm and asked her, “Can I drink with him?”

Avery said, “Drink if you want to.”

“Can you two not be so corny? Do you really need to get her permission to drink?” Mike teased. “If someone who does not understand the dynamics sees this, they would surely think that I wanted to cause a fight!”

“I’m just afraid that I’ll get you drunk, and she’ll get angry.” Elliot walked over to Mike and sat down. He picked up a can of beer.

Avery was a little worried. She said, “Don’t get too drunk. There’s no nanny to take care of you tonight.”

“Avery, don’t worry! I won’t get drunk! As for him… as long as he begs for mercy, I won’t get him drunk!” Mike said while picking up a can of beer.

Avery knew that the situation would only end in tragedy. Before returning to her room, she went to look for Hayden.

Hayden had just finished his shower. His hair was wet, and he looked like he could fall asleep the next second.

She immediately entered the room, took the hairdryer, and started blow-drying his hair.

Once his hair was dry, she ruffled his head. “Hayden, Elliot didn’t bring a bodyguard over this time, so I’m letting him stay the night.”

Hayden nodded. “Mommy, I’m sleepy. Go to bed too.”

Avery nodded and returned to her room.

At two in the morning, her phone screen lit up and her phone started ringing.

Avery woke up in alarm. She picked up her phone and answered the call.

Ten minutes later, she left her room with her bag in hand.

The living area lights were still on. Mike and Elliot were on separate sofas, and they were as drunk as a skunk.

No one had won.

Avery had long expected this outcome. She glanced at them before leaving in a rush.

Something has happened to the company.