When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 642

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Her secretary immediately helped her up while Shaun called an ambulance.

Once Avery was taken to the hospital, the news of it spread like wildfire.

“It looks like Tate Industries is really in a crisis this time! Avery Tate was all high and mighty before but now she has to be carried away in an ambulance. How pathetic!”

“Isn’t the baby she’s carrying suffering the most? I heard that it’s Elliot Foster’s, is it true?”

“Who knows? Apart from the one she is carrying, she has two other kids… Those two are definitely not Elliot Foster’s, or he would have fought for custody.”

“Avery sure has a chaotic personal life! All things aside, Tate Industries is doomed this time! With their core technology stolen, how could they continue selling their products at such a high price? She will soon lose her throne in the high-end market!”

“It’s a good thing for the consumer, though.”

“But it’s f***l damage to Avery! It’s no wonder she passed out!”

When Wanda caught the news, she cheerfully opened a bottle of wine and drew out a photo of her daughter, Cassandra, from her drawer.

“Cassandra, I won’t let you d*e in vain,” she said to the photo, “Putting Avery through bankruptcy is merely the first step. I will make her wish for d***h! I will make it so that she eagerly takes her own life because she can no longer bear the pain, just like Zoe did!”

With that, she raised her glass and took a sip.

“Of course, I haven’t forgotten about that b*st*rd Elliot! Let them all go to h**l!” she said as her eyes glammed with cold viciousness.

Just then, someone knocked on the door and pushed the door open.

“Madam Tate, there has been a breakthrough in the technical department! They should be able to crack the code in no time!” said her assistant as he walked in.

Wanda sighed with relief. “There’s a grand reward waiting for all of you once it has been successfully decoded!”

“Congratulation, Madam Tate! Soon, Wonder Technologies will surpass Tate Industries and become the number one company in Aryadelle’s drone industry!” said the assistant before turning to look at the photo on the office desk. “Who is that woman in the photo, Madam Tate? She looks so beautiful.”

The smile on Wanda’s face faded as she picked up the photo. “This is my daughter. If only she was still alive, she would be so happy to see how I’ve surpassed her father. It’s a shame that… Avery got her k****d.”

Shocked, the assistant said, “Who knew Avery Tate is such a vicious person! It’s no wonder that you hate her so much!”

Wanda placed the photo back into the drawer and hissed, “I will make her pay.”

Meanwhile, Avery was in the hospital.

After being rushed to the hospital, the doctor did a full-body check on her.

“Doctor, is my baby okay?” Avery’s forehead was covered with sweat, but the pain had subsided— mostly. She regretted her actions. No matter how important her company was, her child was always more important.

“Your baby is fine, Miss. Tate, but you are not,” the doctor said, “Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress lately? You need to keep check of your emotions, or it will reflect on your physical condition and affect the baby’s growth.”

“I know. I will pay attention from now on.”

“We will keep you on the inhaler for now,” the doctor continued, “You will be kept under observation in the hospital for two days, and you will only be discharged when your condition stabilizes.”

Avery nodded.

“Give your family a call. Tell them to come here. You need someone to care for you! I will go fill in the hospitalization documents for you,” the doctor said before stepping out.

Avery felt troubled, as she was not sure who to call. Just as she was about to find a care worker, her phone rang.

“Avery, I heard that something went wrong with your company. Are you okay right now?” Chad contacted Avery under Elliot’s command. “Mr. Foster and Mike have already bought tickets back to Aryadelle.”

“Well… Something did happen with the company,” she said, but she no longer felt as emotional as she did before.

“Don’t panic. Mr. Foster and Mike will handle it once they get back,” said Chad comforting her. “Just rest well at home.”