When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 644

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 644

“Isn’t that Elliot Foster? Sterling Group’s boss? Why is he here? Mr. Locklyn, you said that Mr. Mike is back, but where is he? Why did you lie to us?” said an employee in protest.

Shaun explained with resignation, “You must have all heard about the relationship between our boss and Mr. Foster. Our president has been hospitalized, and Mr. Foster has decided to help.”

“Oh… It’s good that he is helping, but why take our phone? It feels weird.”

“My phone has been confiscated as well, but Mr. Foster must have his reasons for doing so,” Shaun said.

Everyone turned their attention to the man sitting in the president’s chair.

Elliot oozed intimidation. He had a dark expression on his face. Under his intense stare, all the employees felt as though they had committed some crime when in fact, they had not.

“Some of you must know how the microchip was stolen.” Elliot scanned the crowd with sharp eyes. “I will give you one minute. If no one comes forth within one minute, I will deal with you my way.”

He started the timer as soon as he finished his sentence; at the same time, a few well-built men in black stepped in through the door and eyed the employees intently.

Everyone was intimidated and people started protesting softly.

“Who on earth did it?! Stand up already! What kind of man you are if you won’t admit to what you did?”

“President Tate treated us well, so why would someone betray her?! If you are encountering some difficulties, she would have helped you if you had talked to her about it! Why would you do such a horrible thing? It’s illegal!”

“That’s right! We can’t commit crimes! Besides, President Tate is the most generous and kind boss I’ve ever seen, and I’ve decided long ago that I would follow her for the rest of my life!”

Soon, one minute had passed.

Elliot gave the bodyguards a look and two of the men immediately dragged one of the employees out.

“What are you doing? Let me go! Where are you taking me? I can walk on my own! Let me go!” The employee who had been selected shouted in fear.

As he shouted and begged, the mental fortitude of the remaining employees crumbled.

Shaun could not help but say, “Mr. Foster, I know that you are trying to catch the traitor, but what if you somehow hurt someone that’s innocent?”

“None of you are innocent,” said Elliot. His voice was low and harsh. “This includes you. Something this important has been stolen and none of you realized it. Do you take Avery or me for fools?”

Shaun bowed his head guilty. “I’m sorry. I will support whatever you do from now on, so long as we catch the traitor!”

As soon as Shaun uttered the last word, a piercing wail flooded the room. The wail came from outside. Though none of them could see what had happened, they could imagine that the person who had been dragged outside was facing hellish torture.

The crowd paled and trembled.

“Until we find the traitor, each one of you will have a taste of that. If the traitor won’t talk, then you will all d*e here tonight!” growled Elliot.

The others broke down at his words.

“D**n it! It’s not me! It really isn’t me! I have been with President Tate since the beginning, and I love this company! I would never do anything to betray this company! It has to be someone from the technical department!” howled one of the pioneers of the development department.

Someone else from the technical department yelled, “Don’t make false accusations! What proof do you have that says the technical department did it?”

“That microchip was stolen from your department!”

“Stop joking around! You guys from the development department have free access to our department! You guys could have stolen it too!”

“You are the ones who should stop joking around! We have been so busy lately that we couldn’t possibly have time to steal something from you people! The traitor must be from the technical department! You guys should be interrogated first! I’m sure we will find the traitor faster that way!”

“Since you are saying that the traitor is not from the development department, then you guys should be interrogated first! That way, you can prove your innocence!”

The two departments erupted into an intense argument.