When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 649

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Avery could feel her face burning. “When have I said anything about getting back together with him?”

“Just now! You told me how much he had done for you, and you said that you also wanted to get him a gift and dinner. It’s so obvious that you’ve fallen for him,” Tammy said. “Don’t forget what I said. I am really accurate when it comes to reading people. That Nora girl might look tame, but she is even better at scheming than Zoe is!”

Avery remained thoughtful for a few seconds and said, “But she doesn’t have leverage.”

“She can create leverage. So long as she doesn’t give up, you will always be her biggest enemy. She and Chelsea will definitely team up against you.” Tammy removed her facial mask and continued, “Elliot Foster is one big chunk of meat, and everyone wants a bite. Avery, be careful!”

Avery felt calmer after talking to Tammy.

“Not only does he have to fire Nora, but he also needs to fire Chelsea!” said Tammy. “If you are too embarrassed to tell him this, I will talk to him for you!”

“Tammy! Things between me and him are not like that…” interjected Avery before Tammy could say anything further.

“Alright, but think about what I said. Also, I heard that Ben used to have a thing for Chelsea, so he will probably be on her side.”

Reminded of all the misunderstandings between her and Elliot, Avery instantly lost all romantic interest. “I was being reckless, Tammy. Let’s see how things go after the baby is born!”

“That’s fine too. The most important thing right now is for you to safely give birth to your baby. Are you busy tomorrow? If you’re not, I’ll come over,” Tammy said with a smile.

Feeling relaxed, Avery said, “I’m not busy. Mike doesn’t let me get involved much with the company. He’s been working overtime so much that I’m worried he might collapse.”

“He has Chad, so don’t worry about him.” Tammy glanced at the time and said, ” It’s getting late, Avery. You shouldn’t stay up, go rest!”


Three days later, Avery received a message from Tammy. It was the afternoon when she got the text message.

[Avery, I’m in Room V609 in Caesar Hotel. There’s a surprise for you. Come now!]

Avery chuckled at the message and called Tammy.

The message was odd. “If there was a surprise, why mention it in the message?” she thought. Tammy was not a fool. “Is she trying to play a prank on me?” thought Avery.

Tammy immediately hung up. She was staring at her phone when another message from Tammy came in.

[I’m only waiting until five, Avery! If you don’t show up before five, then there’s no surprise for you!]

Avery looked at the message and smiled with resignation. She took her purse and hurried toward Caesar Hotel.

At six in the evening, Ben and Chelsea appeared at Caesar Hotel.

Chelsea had a social gathering to attend, and she had asked Ben to accompany her as she was not feeling well. It was almost halfway through the gathering and Chelsea’s face was flushed from drinking too much. She struggled to the washroom.

Ben followed her and said, “I will ask the driver to send you back, Chelsea. Leave the rest to me.”

Chelsea nodded with a pale face.

As they were walking past a private room, they overheard laughter and chatter coming from inside the room. It sounded like there was a couple in there.

“Be gentler! Don’t make me lose my baby! I am still counting on this baby to get my Elliot Foster’s fortune! Once he dies, all his money is going to belong to us! Mm… He might be tall, but he is useless in bed! He is nothing compared to you, and he couldn’t even satisfy me!”

The woman sounded exactly like Avery.