When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 66

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 66

Avery was in the middle of getting an ultrasound at an unknown county hospital.

“The babies are developing nicely… Come back for an anomaly scan when you reach the five-month mark,” said the doctor.

“Thank you, Doctor,” Avery said as she let out a sigh of relief.

“Don’t mention it. I was really close to your mother back in school,” the doctor said as she passed a copy of her ultrasound scan to Avery. “She told me that the father doesn’t want kids, so you came all the way out here for your checkup… Avery, raising two kids by yourself isn’t going to be easy!”

Avery took the copy of the scan, smiled, and said, “It’s fine. I can do it!’

“As long as you’re prepared.”

“I’ll get out of your hair now. I’ll call you again before we come by next time,” Avery said, then left the examination room.

Laura saw her walk out, then immediately walked up to her and asked, “How are the babies? Is everything alright?”

“Everything’s normal. Are you tired, Mom? I’m exhausted!” Avery said as she yawned.

She had not slept the night before.

After leaving the Foster mansion at six that morning, she had met up with Laura and taken a three-hour, bumpy bus ride out here.

She almost fell asleep on the bus a few times, but she held on.

Now that the checkup turned out fine, a weight was lifted off of her shoulders, and she wanted nothing but to have a good sleep.

“Should we just get a room at a motel and rest a bit?”

Avery’s tired face made Laura’s heartache.

Avery shook her head and said, “It’s going to take us another three hours to get back! We should just leave now.”

“Let’s get something to eat first. You haven’t eaten anything all day. Aren’t you hungry?” Laura said, then held Avery’s hand and led her out of the building.

“I guess I’m pretty hungry,” Avery said as she caressed her lower belly. “It feels a little different from before. I’m not showing yet, but it feels hard here.”

She took her mother’s hand and rested it on her belly.

“This is nothing compared to how it will feel when you start to show and reach the late stages of your pregnancy…” Laura said, then sighed. “Time sure flies by. They’re already four months old.”

“Right? It won’t be long before they’ll be born,” Avery said. Excitement and worry flashed through her eyes as she said those words.

“Your divorce with Elliot… How is that going?” Laura asked.

Avery shook her head and said, “He’s stubborn as h**l. The more I bring up the divorce, the more he won’t do it. So, I’ve decided never to bring it up again.”

“Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever officially met him!” Laura sighed.

“What’s there to meet? He’s cold to everyone. Meeting him would just annoy you,” Avery said softly.

Laura disagreed and said, “He’s young and rich, so it’s only natural for him to be arrogant. He’s not the same as us average folk, so you can’t look at him from that point of view.”

“Why do you think we’re here right now, Mom? Why are you on his side?” Avery pouted.

Laura grinned awkwardly, then said, “Let’s go eat. We’ll leave after that.”

On the way back to the city, Avery fell asleep with her head on Laura’s t****s.

While Laura was gently stroking her daughter’s hair, her fingers accidentally touched her left cheek.

Avery took in a sharp breath and mumbled in her sleep, “Ouch… That hurts…”

Laura shifted her gaze to her cheek.

She would not have noticed anything if she did not look closely, but Avery had put on a thick layer of foundation.

“What happened to your face, Avery?” Laura cried out, waking Avery up.

Avery opened her eyes and said, “What is it, Mom?”

Lauren touched her cheek, and Avery flinched in pain.

“What happened to your face? Who hit you? Was it Elliot?”

Laura’s heart tightened.

“No… I fought with his mom last night… I thought of getting his mom to make him divorce me, but that didn’t work as well,” Avery said nonchalantly.

“You stupid girl! Don’t come up with something this ridiculous just to get a divorce!” Laura sighed, then added, “Why didn’t you go get some medicine when we got to the hospital this morning?”


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