When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 68

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 68

A few words from Elliot were enough to make the defensive walls around Avery’s heart crumble.

She had left the house at six in the morning and turned off her phone. He could not reach her and came all the way here.

If that was the case, was he worried about her?

“You must be Elliot,” Laura said as she noticed the awkward air in the room. “Avery was having a bad day, so I took her out to relieve some stress. She’s fine now. Let me get you something to drink!”


“No, thank you.

Avery and Elliot spoke at the same time, making the atmosphere even stranger.

“He’s leaving now, so don’t mind him. You should sit down and get some rest,” Avery said as she led her mom to the couch.

She was subtly kicking out her unwelcome guest.

Elliot took the hint and stood up.

“I’ll be going now. I’ll come by one day to visit,” he said.

Laura wanted to send him off, but Avery pulled her back and said, ” I’m leaving now, too. Stay at home and rest, Mom.”

She then got up and trailed behind Elliot.

Once they were out of the building, she turned to him and said, “Don’t ever come here again.”

Elliot’s expression turned cold. He clenched his jaw as if he had reached the limit of his patience.

“I don’t need you to pretend to care about me,” Avery continued. “If you really care about me at all, then divorce me.”

She then turned and walked away.

Elliot’s eyes shot icy daggers at her slender back.

They were physically close, but their hearts could not be further apart.

At the hospital, Cole was rushed into surgery after being sent to the hospital in the middle of the night.

If the dismembered finger was preserved well, there was a high possibility of recovery if surgery was done within the next eight hours.

He might never regain full function of it, but at least he would not be crippled.

After the night’s surgery, Cole did not regain consciousness until two in the afternoon the next day.

The terror in his eyes made him appear as if he had been robbed of his sanity.

“Cole! Don’t be scared! You’re at the hospital now. You’re safe! Nobody can hurt you now!” Olivia cried as she cooed at her son. “Your father has paid off the money you owed.”

Henry did not look happy. He had to cough up a huge sum of money to pay off the loan sharks after all.

He always knew that his son was a good for nothing, but Cole had lost a ridiculous amount of money last night!

The tens of thousands that he had lost before were still within Henry’s means, but he had lost over eight million dollars this time.

Of course, Henry did not pay back the full sum.

Since they had already cut off Cole’s finger, he only had to pay off half of the money.


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