When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 71

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 71

The first thing he had to do was make it past the first obstacle. Only then would the journey get smoother.

“In that case, don’t ask her about it and just get her something,” Ben suggested. “You should get her some jewelry. All women love jewelry.”

“She doesn’t. I’ve never seen her wear any,” Elliot said.

“How about beauty products? All women use that stuff, right?” Chad proposed.

“She doesn’t use any. When I went into her room, I didn’t find anything but a cleanser.”

He could not just give her a measly face cleanser as a gift, could he?

Ben did not expect Avery to be so different from all the other women he had met.

What was even more unexpected was the fact that the great president of Sterling Group, Elliot Foster, actually snuck into a girl’s room to observe things like this!

“Buy her that cleanser, then!” Ben said.

“It was covered in dust. It didn’t look like she uses it much,” Elliot responded.

Ben and Chad were at a loss for words.

“Clothes, shoes, bags! She obviously wears clothes and shoes. She must use bags, right?” Ben continued to throw out ideas. “I bet she’s devastated after your mother hit her. She won’t talk to you until you take some action.”

“Actually, I think Miss Tate is different from most women,” Chad said. “She’s still in college, so she probably isn’t very materialistic. Gifts might not do much for her.”

“You have a point,” Ben said as a thought popped into his head. ” Gifts might help, but what’s more crucial here is the man taking initiative.”

“Meaning?” Elliot asked.

“Giving hugs and kisses?” Chad suggested.

“Exactly!” Ben exclaimed.

Elliot’s face instantly turned glum.

Seeing his change in expression, Ben offered up his assistance, “We can help you if you don’t feel like doing it!”

“You want to give her hugs and kisses?!” Elliot roared.

Ben choked and clarified, “I mean we can help get her gifts for you! The rest is up to you.”

“Forget it,” Elliot said coldly. He did not want to depend on others to help him in his love life.

“It’s not like she’s the only one for me,” he added.

“Why did you sneak into her room to check out her dusty face cleanser, then?” Ben teased.

“Stop it, Ben. Give the boss some face,” Chad said.

“Get out, both of you!” Elliot snapped.

Chad grabbed Ben and yanked him towards the door.

“Chad,” Elliot said as they were walking away, “Get me an appointment with Charlie Tierney.”

“Yes, Sir. When would you like to meet him?”



That evening, Avery decided to take a walk outside after dinner.

She had been cooped up indoors for a week and was feeling restless.

The bruise on her cheek had worsened after the day she covered it in makeup for her checkup.

She also was not using any medication, so it was taking a while for the bruise to heal.

Even now, even though it was not as bad as before, traces of a purplish bruise could still be noticed upon close inspection.

Avery put on a face mask and walked out of the neighborhood.

She had barely taken a few steps before a motorcycle rode past her.

It had already sped away before she realized that the phone in her hand had vanished!