When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 77

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 77

Avery was distracted until a thought suddenly popped into her head.

“Did Elliot have anything to do with what happened to Cole Foster?” she asked.

Ben was dumbfounded.

“Why do you think he did? Didn’t Cole Foster get into trouble himself with his gambling? What does that have to do with Elliot?”

Avery took a sip of water, then said, “He said he was the one who planned it. He even told me to get down on my knees and beg.”

Ben was at a loss for words.

He picked up his own glass of water and took a sip, then said, “What are you two doing? What couple is always getting into fights like the two of you… It turns out you both do it on purpose. Do you both find joy in fighting with each other?!”

Naturally, Avery refused to admit it.

“I don’t have such a weird hobby. He’s the one who’s always provoking me.”

“Exactly! I’m sure he feels the same!”

“Which is exactly why we don’t get along,” Avery said, taking another sip of water.

“Disagreements are normal in a relationship. Some people even fall deeper in love the more they fight.”

“Most couples break up the more they fight,” Avery said. “Don’t you think Chelsea Tierney is a better match for him? Nothing’s ever gone wrong in the ten years they’ve known each other…”

“Nothing’s gone wrong because there was nothing there. Elliot feels nothing for Chelsea.”

“I see… I almost forgot…”

The one he loved was the woman who looked like a princess.

After lunch, Avery took a cab to Tate Industries.

Ben sent the day’s shopping haul back to the Foster mansion, then drove to Sterling Group.

Of course, he did not forget to flaunt his victory in front of Elliot.

“I bought her thirty-one gifts this morning,” Ben said. “She was very happy.”

Elliot looked up to glance at Ben and said, “Did you force her into it?”

Ben cocked an eyebrow and said, “Could you tell?”

Elliot raised his brows and silently watched his performance.

“When I asked her to pick out a bracelet, she stared at a specific necklace for more than three seconds. I went back to get it after she left.”

Ben pulled out a jewelry box and opened it, revealing a diamond necklace.

The diamonds were small, so the necklace was not too expensive.

“Give it to her when you get home tonight,” Ben said as he passed the box to Elliot.

Elliot fiddled with the box with his fingers. His sharp eyes were fixed on Ben as he asked, “How did you get her to accept the gift?”

“I told her that your first birthday after the accident was coming up-“

Elliot frowned, then snapped, “There’s still a long way until my birthday!”

“I was just helping you cheer her up,” Ben said. “She didn’t look that happy on the surface, but I’m sure she was happy on the inside.”

“You’re no help at all,” Elliot said in a low voice.

Ben stayed silent.

“Give me the receipts,” Elliot said.

“It’s fine! Take them as my birthday gift to you,” Ben replied.

“Give me the receipts!” Elliot roared.


Avery returned home in the evening.

“I’ve sent all the gifts to your room, Madam,” said Mrs. Cooper.

Avery’s cheeks turned pink as she responded, “Thanks… Is Elliot home yet?”

“He got back around four in the afternoon.”

Avery’s heart suddenly began to race.

“I’ll come down after he’s had dinner… I’m going to my room.”

Once she was in her room, Avery began to take out the gifts from their bags.

She suddenly noticed a red, square-shaped box.

“I don’t think we bought this today,” she mumbled to herself, then opened the box.

The necklace in the box was the one that she had noticed and found to be quite lovely at the jewelry store earlier.