When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 80

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Jun nodded and said, “That’s him! I met him when I was abroad. He’s eight years older than I am. We were neighbors when he was in college. I was always following him around back then.”

“You kept in touch with him despite the huge age gap?” Tammy asked.

“Yes! I always go to him when I’m troubled,” Jun answered.

Tammy glanced at his face and teased, “What kind of troubles could a young man like you possibly have?”

“I want to start my own business, but my family is against it. He has a successful career. Even my dad admires him, so I need him to help me convince him.”

Tammy was suddenly filled with excitement.

“What’s his name? I’m sure I’ve heard of him before if he’s a successful businessman.”

“You probably have heard of him,” Jun said as he took a sip of water. “It’s Elliot Foster.”

Tammy’s eyes widened in astonishment.

She let go of Jun’s hand and exclaimed, “He’s married?! Oh my god! I have a friend who worships him… She’ll be devastated if she finds out about this!”

“Your friend isn’t the only one who looks up to him. With his net worth and status, plenty of women would have their eyes on him. His wife is way out of his league.”

“Huh? Who’s his wife? I’m so jealous!”

Tammy pouted as she turned green with envy.

Jun wanted to continue to keep her guessing on purpose.

“She’s a nobody. You wouldn’t know her even if I told you. You’ll see when they arrive,” he said, then added, “By the way, don’t mention anything about how Elliot got me to help her out before, okay?”

Tammy nodded eagerly.

She was curious to see what kind of a “nobody” managed to snag the formidable business tycoon, Elliot Foster.

Avery put on a new dress for the evening.

However, she felt that it looked too solemn and decided to wear an old jacket over it.

When the driver arrived at Tate Industries to pick her up, he said, “You look beautiful today, Madam.”

Avery’s cheeks turned crimson red.

All she did was put on some foundation and lipstick.

Did she really look that different from usual?

Once she was in the car, Avery pulled out a small mirror from her bag and observed her face.

Perhaps it was due to her good mood, but her rosy cheeks made her look exceptionally lovely.

Elliot and Avery arrived at the restaurant at six in the evening.

When they stepped onto the second floor, Tammy instantly recognized the woman standing next to Elliot as… Avery!

Tammy felt her soul escape her body.

The whole world stood still as everything before her eyes began to twist out of shape, then suddenly return to normal.

The wife that Elliot Foster married in a flash was none other than her best friend, Avery Tate!

She was close to tears from the thrill of it all.

When Avery noticed Tammy and Jun, she raised her brows and asked Elliot, “Do you know Jun Hertz?”

A strong sense of foreboding began to rise inside of her.

Elliot took in her sudden change in emotion and answered, “We were neighbors when I was studying abroad.”

They walked over to their table where the waiter pulled back their chairs and helped them into their seats.

Avery lowered her gaze as her chest began to rise and fall rapidly.

She had no idea that Elliot and Jun knew each other.

From the looks of it, their relationship was not bad at all.

Otherwise, they would not have a private meeting like this. Why exactly did Elliot bring her here to meet Jun Hertz?


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