When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 81

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 81

Tammy was frantically sending signals at Avery with her eyes, but all Avery could think about was the relationship between Elliot and Jun.

“Miss Tate, the reason why I never told you that I knew Elliot was because I did not want to make you feel troubled,” Jun began to explain himself with a smile. “You didn’t exactly get along well before this. I didn’t mean to hide it from you… I really do want to buy your father’s company.”

Tammy moved her phone under the table and sent Avery a text.

Tammy: [Don’t listen to him, Avery! Elliot Foster is the one who wants to buy Tate Industries! It’s Elliot Foster!]

Avery glanced at her phone on the table and opened up the text.

She read it and gazed coldly at Jun. “Did you tell Elliot about your interest in buying my company?” she asked.

Jun’s warm smile remained on his face as he said, “I did. I asked for his opinion and he told me it was worth a try. As I told you before, I’ve been looking for investment opportunities ever since I graduated college.”

Avery received yet another text from Tammy: [He’s lying! He’s just Elliot Foster’s pawn!]

Her heart tightened as she continued to interrogate Jun.

“Did you really get the money from your father? Does he have time to meet up tomorrow? I’d like to talk to him.”

Jun turned pale as he responded, “I borrowed the money! I didn’t tell you because I was embarrassed…”

“Who lent you the money?” Avery pried.

Elliot, who was sitting in silence throughout the entire conversation, finally spoke up.

“I did,” he said.

Tammy sent Avery another text: [They’re both lying! Elliot Foster is Mr. Z! Jun told me himself just now! You have to expose them right now!]

Avery had one hand clenched tightly around her phone and the other gripping her glass of water.

Her face was rid of color, and her lips were pale from her biting down on them.

Elliot was Mr. Z.

He wanted to use Jun’s name to buy out Tate Industries.

No matter what his objectives were, Elliot’s actions left a bad taste in her mouth.

Why did he not make the offer himself?

Was he looking down on Tate Industries?

Or was this his way of humiliating her?

The night of her first meeting with Mr. Z popped into Avery’s mind.

Elliot was furious that she had gone out to meet a complete stranger and made her suffer through the entire night.

Did he think she was an idiot?

Was it exciting for him to have her wrapped around his finger?

If there were no other people around them, Avery would have slapped Elliot in the face.

Even if she did that, however, what would that change?

Avery left the cup on the table, stood up, and stormed off.

“Wait for me, Avery!” Tammy cried as she picked up her bag and trailed after Avery.

Jun’s jaw dropped in mortification.

What the h**l?

Did they know each other?

“Elliot… I’m sorry… I had no idea that they were friends!”

His mind was in a frenzy of thoughts as his cheeks turned crimson.

He messed up!

Elliot’s expression was cold as he curled his fingers to form a fist.

“I thought your girlfriend looked familiar when you sent me her photo yesterday. Then, I recalled seeing her when I was at the concert hall with Avery before. She told me that she had a friend there at the time.”

“I see… So, you brought Avery along to meet me because you knew they were friends!” Jun said with an enlightened expression on his face.

“Why did you take the risk of Avery finding out about all of this and bring her here?”

“Did you tell your girlfriend anything?” Elliot asked.

Jun scratched his head and answered truthfully, “I said some things before you got here. It was just some information to make conversation easier with you… Why is Avery so upset about this? Isn’t she overreacting even if you were the one who wanted to acquire her company? It’s a lot of money that we’re talking about here! Nobody else other than you would be willing to cough up that amount to buy out Tate Industries.”

“She can’t accept the fact that I’m Mr. Z,” Elliot replied hoarsely.


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