When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 83

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 83

“I really want to turn back time, Mom,” Avery mumbled. “I don’t care if we’re poor.”

“No matter what happens, running away is never the solution,” Laura said as she sat down next to her daughter. “If you can’t handle your father’s company, just let it go. There will always be opportunities to make money, but you can’t forgo your studies.”

Avery glanced at her mother and caressed the wrinkles on her face, then said, “I won’t run away. I’m just a little tired.”

“Take a break if you’re tired. Have you had dinner?”

Avery shook her head.

“Let me whip something up for you,” Laura said, then walked into the kitchen.

At eight in the evening, Avery went into her room to rest while Laura left to take out the trash.

It began to rain.

It was not heavy, but it was a constant drizzle.

Laura could not be bothered to walk back upstairs to grab an umbrella, so she braved the rain and ran toward the dumpster.

She threw the trash into the dumpster and turned back toward the apartment.

That was the moment she saw a silhouette standing at attention at the front entrance of the building.

She did not notice it when she had rushed out earlier.

Laura ran back toward the entrance and glanced at the tall silhouette.

She was startled when she recognized the face in the rain.

The man’s handsome features were drenched, and his formidable pride was washed down the drain along with the rainwater.

“Elliot?!” Laura exclaimed. “What are you doing here? Why are you standing in the rain?”

She grabbed Elliot’s arm and pulled him toward the apartment entrance.

Elliot pulled his arm back and said, “I’m not going in.”

The last time he was here, Avery had warned him never to come back here.

If he went in now, she would be furious.

“Why not? You’re here for Avery, right? She didn’t tell me why she was upset, but I already knew it was because you two had a fight,” Laura said.

Elliot lifted her hand to wipe the rain off of his face, then said plainly, “I want to apologize to her.”

“Come in with me, then! How are you supposed to apologize out here? She wouldn’t want to see you getting drenched out here, either!” Laura said frantically.

Elliot escorted Laura into the building, then said, “I’m afraid she won’t want to see me in your house.”

“The two of you really need to talk things out properly! Let me go talk to Avery!”

Since Laura could not convince him, she could only try to convince her daughter.

When she entered the apartment, she rushed straight into the room.

Avery leaped out of bed when she saw her mother’s wet clothes.

“Is it raining out there? Why didn’t you bring an umbrella? You’re going to get sick,” Avery said as she led her mother to the bathroom. “Go and take a shower now…”

“Avery… Elliot’s outside,” Laura said as she held Avery’s hand. “He was standing in the rain. God knows how long he’s been out there, but he’s completely drenched… Did you turn off your phone? Won’t you let him up here?”

Avery was stunned.

“He said he wants to apologize to you, but he won’t come with me, so I came up to let you know,” Laura sighed. “Why don’t you go get him so you can have a nice talk up here?”

Avery’s head began to throb in pain.

“I don’t want to see him. If he’s willing to get rained on, then let him!” she said with a frown, then changed the subject and said, ” I’ll go get you a cup of tea.”

When Laura reemerged after her shower, a piping hot cup of tea was sitting on the dining table.

Avery was sitting at the table in a daze and lost in unknown thoughts.

“I think he needs this cup of tea more than I do,” Laura said.

“I’ll throw it out if you don’t want it,” Avery said as she picked up the cup and made her way toward the kitchen.

“He doesn’t look as bad as you think, Avery,” Laura said as she caught up to Avery and grabbed hold of her arm. “The rain’s getting heavier. Do you really not feel bad for him at all?”


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