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When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 85

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 85

The reality of it finally hit Jun.

“What now? Would Elliot have to go and beg for her forgiveness?”

“I’ll go check on them after work,” Chad said.

“Should I get my girlfriend to go see Avery?”

“Who’s your girlfriend?”

Jun cleared his throat and said, “She’s Avery’s best friend… She was the one who revealed everything to Avery. I swear… If I didn’t like her that much, I would’ve broken up with her last night!”

Chad sighed and said, “You’re so good at picking your girlfriend!”

“I was scammed. How was I supposed to know that they were so smart?”

“It looks like we’re going to have to keep our mouths shut in front of you from now on. You’re no longer one of us.”

“I’ll make sure to stand my ground!” Jun said bitterly. “For Elliot’s sake!”

That evening, Ben and Chad arrived at the Foster mansion to see Elliot.

“Master Elliot came home around five in the morning… His bodyguard said that he spent the night in the rain outside of Madam Avery’s mother’s house. They only managed to get him home after he passed out around four in the morning,” Mrs. Cooper reported. “He’s in his room right now. He had a fever in the morning that broke in the afternoon, but he’s heating up again now.”

Ben and Chad did not know what to say.

When had Elliot Foster ever been in this sort of pathetic situation?

He actually spent a night out in the rain for Avery Tate!

“The storm last night was brutal,” Ben said with furrowed brows.

“It got worse after midnight. The lake in my neighborhood had overflowed,” Chad said.

“Nobody would be able to pull through a night in that storm no matter how healthy they are!”

Chad turned to Mrs. Cooper, then asked, “Where’s Miss Avery? Is she not home?”

Mrs. Cooper shook her head helplessly and said, “She won’t answer my calls. She always used to pick up when I called. It looks like this fight between them was especially bad.”

At that moment, the doctor walked down from the second floor.

“How’s he doing, Doc?” Ben asked.

“His fever still hasn’t broken,” replied the doctor. “If this goes on, he’s sure to get pneumonia. I’m afraid his lungs might have already been infected. I suggested taking him to the hospital, but he won’t listen.

“How could we allow that?” Mrs. Cooper said frantically. “I’ll call Madam Avery again. Master Elliot never listens to anyone but her.”

Ben frowned, then made his way out of the house.

Chad trailed along behind him and said, “What if she doesn’t pick up the phone again?”

“I’m going to look for her,” Ben said.

“Do you know where she is?”

“She should be with Charlie Tierney right now. He seemed especially happy in his social media posts earlier today.”

“I’ll stay here while you go, then. If things go bad, I’ll just have to take Mr. Foster to the hospital by force.”

Ben nodded and left the mansion.

Chateau Juliet was one of Aryadelle’s oldest and most expensive high-end restaurants.

Each patron would spend a minimum of a 150 dollars dining in here.

Avery did not want to go, but her company’s management team insisted and eventually made her give in after half an hour of pestering.

It was not completely due to their persuasion that she decided to show up.

She was just tired of pretending and did not want to project her bad mood onto her mother, so she figured it was better for her to stay out of the house for now.

Charlie placed a glass of apple juice in front of her.

Avery picked up the glass and took a sip.

Suddenly, the doors to the private room burst open.

Chelsea’s exquisite face appeared in the vision of everyone in the room.

She charged toward Avery with a raging fury.

“Are you enjoying the feeling of being pursued by two different men?” she said through gritted teeth.

She picked up a glass of water from the table and splashed it onto Avery’s face.


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