When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 92

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 92

In the afternoon, Avery had bought two pots of daffodils at the flower market. Then she took them with her to her mother’s house. As it was not five o’clock yet, Laura should still be at work, but Avery found that she was busy in the kitchen.

“Mom, did you get off work early today?” Avery changed her slippers and put the two pots of flowers on the living room table.

Laura came out of the kitchen, looking a little embarrassed.

“Avery, I’m not working anymore,” Laura explained. “My friend’s daughter-in-law hired a more professional nanny.”

“Mom, don’t be sad,” murmured Avery as she hugged her mother.

Laura chuckled. “I’m fine… Why did you buy two pots of flowers?”

Avery glanced at the simple rented house and replied, “I happened to pass by the flower market, so I bought two pots.”

“Okay… Avery, don’t worry about my job. I can always look for another one.”

“Mom, you don’t need to. Just rest at home!” Avery said. Then, she took out her bank card from her bag and handed it to her mother, adding, “There’s money in the card. You can spend it.”

Laura pushed the card away and said with a serious expression, “Avery, if it’s one thing that I’ve learned after so many years, it’s that you can only rely on yourself. Even if I become a street cleaner tomorrow, it’ll be better than asking for money from you.”

Avery could not help laughing when she saw her mother’s righteous look. “Mom, there’s no need to be a street sweeper. I heard that you have to get up at four in the morning to sweep the street. It’s too cold now, so you should find an easy job!”

Laura also laughed. “If it pays more, what’s waking up at four in the morning? I’m going to cook. Just sit down and get some rest.”

Avery walked over to the sofa and sat down. Then, she took out her phone and saw Tammy’s message.

Tammy: [Avery, I really don’t understand… What the h**l is going on with this guy Elliot? He hasn’t recovered from his illness, so why did he look for you? Is he trying to show how head over heels he is for you? If he truly loves you, he should just give you the money! What’s the point of putting on a show!]

Avery looked at Tammy’s playful message; she did not know how to respond to it.

After a while, Tammy sent another message: [Jun just went to see Elliot. The doctor mentioned that Elliot’s immune system is messed up, and it’s best to go to the hospital for treatment. Is it serious?]

Avery replied: [We can only know the seriousness by getting an examination at the hospital.]

Tammy: [Oh… Are you in love with Charlie? They all say so.]

Avery: [Who are ‘they’?]

Tammy: [Just the people around Elliot! They said you’re ignoring Elliot because you’re now in love with Charlie. I don’t think Charlie’s as handsome as Elliot. He looks glib and shrewd.]

Avery did not feel that way with Charlie these days.

Avery: [So you think Elliot looks like an honest man?]

Tammy: [Honest?! Forget that. But Elliot doesn’t look glib! However, he does seem a bit fierce. Haven’t you noticed that many celebrities with a run-in with the law or men involved in domestic violence are like this?]

Avery took a sip of water and asked: [What about Jun?]

Tammy: [He’s much younger than Charlie and Elliot. Besides, he’s handsome and caring yet naive. Avery, if you get divorced, look for a younger boy in the future! It’s easier to control them!]

Avery: [Let’s talk about it after I get divorced!]

Tammy: [Are you really willing to divorce Elliot?]

Avery: [Why not? Whether I divorce him or not, I’ll not be able to get his property.]

Tammy: [You’re right. A rich man of his level… Well, most people can’t even take advantage of him even if they wanted to.]

Avery did not eat much for dinner.

Laura asked, “Why aren’t you eating more? Is it not good?”

Avery frowned slightly. “Mom, my belly is showing.”

Laura smiled and said, “You’re almost five months pregnant. Your stomach will definitely get bigger.”

Avery replied, “Fortunately, the weather is cold, and I’m wearing more layers, so others can’t tell.”

Laura said, “Well… Avery, I thought about it. Do you want to go to graduate school? Go abroad to study. Take advantage of the opportunity while studying and give birth to the children overseas.”

Avery was stunned. “Mom, it costs a lot to study abroad. Besides, I don’t want to go to graduate school. Instead, I want to work and make money.”

Laura assured, “Don’t worry about money. I’ve saved some over the years, and it’s enough for you to go abroad for graduate school.”


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