When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 93

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 93

Avery was shocked. Laura and Jack got divorced when Avery was still young, and she was so busy with her own affairs that she had no time to care about how her mother’s life was going. Hence, Avery was completely unaware of how Laura had saved money.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to go abroad… I’m thinking, why don’t we buy a smaller house? It’s okay for us both to suffer a little, but we can’t let the children feel sad!” Laura continued.

Avery asked, “Mom, do we really have that much money?”

Laura replied, “We can still afford a down payment.”

Avery said, “Oh… Then there’s no rush. The babies are still months away!”

“Time flies, and you better give it a careful consideration.”

Avery nodded. “Mom, I’m going out later. My friend’s dad is celebrating his birthday next week, and I have to buy a present.”

Laura was worried. “Can’t you get it in the morning? It’s getting dark, and I’m uneasy about you going out alone.”

Avery said, “There are street lights outside. I’ll be fine.”

Laura uttered, “Alright. Come back soon.”

Avery got up, grabbed the bag from the sofa, and went out. She hailed a cab and gave him Elliot’s address. Elliot’s thin, haggard face kept appearing in Avery’s mind, and she could not control the urge to go back and have a look. Moreover, she had already thought of an excuse.

The car stopped at the gate of Elliot’s mansion, and Avery got out of the vehicle. She noticed that several cars were parked in the yard, and it seemed that many people had come to visit him. The gatekeeper recognized Avery and immediately opened the gate.

Avery went inside.

Chad was the first to see her, and he quickly notified the people in the living room.

Mrs. Cooper strode out to greet Avery, “Madam! You’re back!”

Avery replied softly, “I’m back to get the laptop.”

A flash of embarrassment flashed across Mrs. Cooper’s eyes, and she replied, “Oh… Why don’t you check on Master Elliot? He’s sick again, and the doctor said his immune system is messed up after being in the rain the other day…”

Avery was indifferent to the suggestion. She followed Mrs. Cooper into the living room. In an instant, everyone looked at her. It had only been a few days, yet Avery felt that everything here had become so unfamiliar. Perhaps because they looked at her more coldly than before, but nonetheless, that was not surprising. In their opinion, Elliot’s illness was her fault.

“Madam, go to the second floor! Your laptop is in your room. No one touched it,” Mrs. Cooper urged.

Avery hesitated, stepped forward, and walked toward the second floor.

After Avery went upstairs, Chad said, “Should we go up? Chelsea is on the second floor after all. I’m afraid they will fight.”

Ben folded his arms and said lightly, “Don’t worry about them.”

Avery walked to the second floor and walked right to the door of Elliot’s bedroom.

The bedroom door was open.

Elliot was lying on the bed, eyes closed, probably in a deep slumber, whereas Chelsea was scrubbing him with a wet towel.


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