When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 94

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 94

The doctor and Rosalie were also in the room, and they were standing by the window talking about Elliot’s health. However, Avery’s feet were as heavy as lead, and she could not bring herself to enter the room. When Chelsea turned around from the bed with the water in her hand, she immediately caught sight of Avery standing outside the door.

“Avery! What are you doing here!” Chelsea lowered her voice, afraid of waking Elliot.

Then, she put the basin on the bedside table and strode toward Avery. Rosalie heard the noises and walked toward the door as well.

Avery was afraid of waking Elliot, so she took a few steps toward the stairs, but Chelsea thought she was trying to escape and quickly approached her, blocking her way.

“Avery! Are you making a fool of Elliot?! If you don’t like him, then let him go! If you do anything to hurt him again, I’ll never let you go!” Chelsea’s eyes were full of hatred.

Rosalie shouted sternly, “Avery, Elliot does not want to divorce you because he is enchanted by you! I didn’t expect you to be this unappreciative! I was blind, and I had thought that you were a good person! If I had known earlier, I would have picked Chelsea to be Elliot’s wife! Only Chelsea truly loves Elliot!”

Avery was not in the mood to fight back. After all, she was only there to see how Elliot was doing. Now that she saw it, that was enough.

“Go and take care of him! I’m leaving!” Avery pushed Chelsea away and walked downstairs, step by step.

In the living room, a group of people led by Ben all p*****d their ears to listen to the movement upstairs. After Avery was “defeated” and came downstairs, everyone was in different moods. Some people thought she was a joke, and others sighed with embarrassment. Nevertheless, their opinions were unimportant, and what mattered was Elliot’s stance. Unfortunately, Elliot was sick and asleep, and he had no idea what was happening.

“Miss Tate, you came by taxi, right? How about I drive you back?” Chad offered graciously.

Avery shook her head. “I’ll go back myself.”

After that, she walked toward the door.

Mrs. Cooper looked at Avery’s dejected back, and she immediately chased after her. “Madam, you haven’t got your laptop yet.”

Avery snapped back to her senses. She turned around immediately, walked across the living room, and entered her room.

“I really want to go up and wake Elliot,” Ben said. “If Avery leaves tonight, I’m afraid she’ll never come back.”

Chad urged, “Then go up and shout! I’ll support you from here.”

Ben glared at him. “Madam Rosalie is here. I dare not.”

After a while, Avery came out, dragging her suitcase. She said she was coming back to get the computer, but it was an excuse. If Elliot was awake and the two had a good talk, maybe she would not leave.

Mrs. Cooper blamed herself. She had asked Avery upstairs just now in good faith. What if Elliot had woken while Avery was upstairs? It was better than her not having seen Elliot, right?

“Madam, why don’t you wait until Master Elliot wakes up and inform him that you are leaving?” Mrs. Cooper asked.

Avery replied. “There’s no need.”

Later, she dragged her suitcase and resolutely walked out into the cold winter night.

Rosalie had come downstairs, incensed.

“Avery! Don’t ever come back!”

Ben secretly sighed.

She was really making things worse!

Avery had always been stubborn. Additionally, she had not wholly calmed down because of Mr. Z’s matter, and now, Rosalie had angered her again. How could Avery endure it?

Avery turned a deaf ear to Rosalie’s threats. Soon, she disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“You all saw it! I didn’t bully her! She left of her own will!” Rosalie roared angrily.